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For the snowflakes, these rights weren't ripped from a Law and Order script, and it's not a get-out-of-jail card for the bad guys. These protections are enshrined in the first ten amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, amendments to protect American citizens from government abuse, from persecution.  Rich or poor, black or white, we're all equal under the law – unless you're Donald Trump.  President Trump apparently relinquished his Constitutional rights when he won the election.  His

In a scene from the 1982 movie Diner, two working-class kids meet a rich girl in a bucolic setting.  After the brief encounter, they contemplate the difference between the gritty world of inner-city Baltimore and the attitude of their more successful and beautiful neighbor, living but a few miles from the humble row homes and the dysfunctional families the boys would now return to. "Do you ever get the feeling there's something going on we don't know